• Leaders in Islamabad Business Summit 2024
    Collaborating for Growth

  • Making Sense of Pakistan Economy, Part - 3 with Dr. Ishrat Hussain (Former Governor State Bank)

  • Dr. Ishrat Husain's new book - The Economy of Modern Sindh

  • Why did Pakistan fall behind India and Bangladesh? | Economic Reforms | Dr. Ishrat Hussain | Ep 192

  • The works and worlds of Dr. Ishrat Husain

  • Dr. Ishrat Husain - The importance of institutions over personalities

  • Civil Service Reforms - #PIDEWebinar by Dr Ishrat Husain

  • Good Governance, A Panacea (Remedy of All Diseases) I Dr. Ishrat Hussain

  • Making Sense of Pakistan Economy I PIDE Debate I Dr. Ishrat Hussain I Dr. Abdul Jalil

  • A conversation with Ishrat Husain, former Advisor to Prime Minister Imran Khan

  • In continuation of our last communication on Banking Publication 2024, we are pleased to initiate the sharing of summary insights with the perspectives of Dr. Ishrat Husain, former Governor, State Bank of Pakistan.

  • Listening to this is so painful... how Pakistan has gonna downward spiral. How sad we couldn't fix our country with nonone (at Leadership) taking responsibility.

  • Why Don't People Invest in Pakistan? I Reform & Transform the Eco System

  • Sharing brief of conversations with Dr. Ishrat Husain, former Governor State Bank of Pakistan, in relation to our 2024 banking publication. We spoke on a host of economic, fiscal and monetary challenges facing the country and his views on critical reforms needed for sustainable path to stability and growth.

  • IMF, Military Governments, Bureaucracy and the Economy Ishrat Husain - #TPE 352

  • How can recalibrate to achieve #InclusiveandSustainableGrowth by prioritizing regulatory overburden & tax system reform

  • India, Pakistan and Bangladesh: Where did their growth trajectories diverge? | #Path2Dev 2023

  • Civil Service Reforms: A Conversation with Dr. Ishrat Hussain | GUFTAGOO EP 11

  • Governing the Ungovernable: Institutional Reforms for Democratic Governance in Pakistan

  • Pakistan's Economic Crisis PLF London | Reza Baqir, Ishrat Husain, Shabbar Zaidi | Wahjoc Business

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